Casino silver dollars

Casino silver dollars european gambling laws How does it work?

Categories Discussions Activity Best Of Coin Forum if window. Casino 15, 9: I just picked this up on eBay and I couldn't find any info on it before bidding. I'm happy with what I paid but I thought there'd be a website or two out there.

Is the sticker on the coin??? I was in Vegas in the late 80's when the Casino ran out of tokens. The broke out racks of IKE dollars. Too bad I was not collecting back then Fresh rolls of IKEs I bet some casinos still have rolls stashed away for reserve It is not exactly cheating, I prefer to consider it creative problem solving!!!

He deals in Casino chips and dollars. However, I know that this one is fairly common, and with the label heavily worn, most of the collectible casino value is gone. I haven't received it yet but I've seen one or two others. They would sticker the dollars to mark them that they came casino city oklahoma riverwind their casino.

Dollars collars, dollars Let me know if you get any info MrLee. February 15, 2: I was out in Vegas The Flamingo and I asked about silver dollars. They knew nothing at all about them. Twowood Link to my local dealer. February 15, 3: I'm not surprised Twowood. At one time I had an abundance of well-circulated Ike Dollars and used them as tips in restuarants and at the gaming tables in various casinos.

Many waitresses and dealers were either surprised to see one or had never seen one before. I even had some say they wouldn't take "tokens from other casinos". Silver Dollars had traditionally been used in Nevada on casino jackpot feeds gaming tables and in dollar slot machines, as well as for general monetary purposes.

Silver Dollars started selling at a premium inNevada gaming casinos found themselves in a difficult position. Most of the casinos had substantial inventories of silver dollars, but they could not hold on to them for long. The cartwheels disappeared just about as fast as they were put on the gaming tables. So, when it became dollars that the silver dollar problem was not going to be solved by itself, the Nevada Gaming Commission passed a regulation permitting the casinos, for the first time, casini issue their own private dollar denomination metal tokens.

This regulation was subsequently supplanted with a broader statute by the Nevada State Vasino, The Nevada Gaming Commission, after consultation with the U. Treasury Department and other experts, issued a new set of regulations in Augustlaying down specific zilver rules caisno the use of these tokens. Each token has a different edge reeding pattern.

This technique virginia+casinos perfected by the Franklin Mint to help casinos identify "foreign" tokens in a stack and to further stymie potential counterfeiters.

In addition to the regular run of each of these Dollar Gaming Tokens, which varied from 5, tocasino silver, pieces, most of the casinos received proofs of these tokens in individual coin holders. Also minted were 2, complete "proof-like" sets for stockholders of the Franklin Mint, and complete full-proof sets in fine silver primarily for dollars purposes.

Each of the "proof-like" sjlver "full-proof" sets were distributed in special serially numbered albums. The following information comes from Janice and Jerry O'Neal. Dollar slot tokens were made from tothen came the 'Ike' dollar coin.

At that point the U. So, there were no more dollar tokens minted untilwhen the issuance of the 'Ike' dollars ceased. Inalmost every casino with dollar slots issued new dollar tokens. That is why there is an unusually large number of tokens listed for Those dollas very cool collectibles Be Bop A Lula!! Ah, the Hacienda Hotel brings back casino royale quotes bond. It was one of the first Hotels coming on to the dollads.

I remember my family used to stay there probably because it was cheaper knowing my Father and in those days there wasn't much to do for kids. So we used to rent the go-carts and tear it up. Sorry, my reply has nothing to do with your coin.

Of coarse those older hotels are long gone now. Have also done a few perfomances at the Lady Luck, they usually hold a Elvis type show once a year I'd love to hear more stories about the place. The reason I bought the Hacienda Silver Dollar is because I'm putting together a collection of Hacienda items for my wife.

Postcards, chips, tokens, dice, etc. We were married there fourteen years ago, as was my brother, two of her sisters and silver son. Little Chapel of the West The chapel is now across the street. We stayed there a few times more and I wish I had saved more things. I collars the old place. It was an "inexpensive" place to stay. How come no invites? Don't you like us? Must have been really cool performing with Stars like them. Stayed at the Lady Luck also.

February 15, 5: Regardless of the casino stckers on the coins, how many nickles, dimes, quaters and silver dollars were ruined from running them through the slot machines? Binion at the Horseshoe Casino had the best idea of removing the coins and using tokens in the machines!

Just got finished at a dealer who had over Buffalo's and Walking Liberty Quaters out the ying-tang! Could not make out the dates and the rims were shot! Found over 20 Type one Walking Lib Quarters, but could only make out the date, faintly, that it was a ! It would be interesting to know the total of coins out there, versus the one that are graded.

We can look up population reports aand mintages, but how many are silfer in true numbers not destroyed, melted down, or lost forever! Alot of coins that are considered common, may be infact extremely rare! Anyone know who may have done research on this matter! February 16, 7: Would someone please post a link to Dan's Casino Tokens! I should have done it earlier. February 16, 8: Lee for posting Dan's link.

He's created a great website but I can't figure dollars how to place an order!!! Sign In or Register to comment.

Food | Silver Dollar Casino Seatac | Seatac Casino. He wants me to bring back 5 US silver dollars. Anyone have The current coins might be found at a casino cage or for sure at a normal bank. EISENHOWER SILVER DOLLAR lot 4 YOUR SLOT . $10 Dollar Atlantis Casino Skyway Resort Gaming Token Fine Silver.

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